Rolling Wheels

An initiative by GRR, aims at motivating people to choose Cycle to Work, to prefer Fitness as a form of Recreation rather than gadgets and to Save the Environment and make it Greener and Cleaner. It is the brain child of GRR Founder, Director and Chief Mentor, Siddarth Choudhary who is an Ultra Endurance Athlete known for his exceptional feat at The Great India Run 2016, Running 1480km from Delhi to Mumbai in 19 days.

Let's not sit huddled indoors complaining about the rising pollution levels and actually show how eco friendly measures could be used to combat it, says Siddarth.

YEAR END RIDE, 2020 - 200 KM/150 KM/100 KM



Continuing with the tradition of organising long-distance rides and getting riders together for a good cause highlighting CYCLE 2 RECYCLE, GRR Rolling Wheels is here with another grand 200 km / 150 km / 100 km 'YEAR-END RIDE, 2020' - 27th Dec 2020 in Gurgaon, spreading the message of cycle to recycle and aiming for a cleaner, greener & pollution free environment.

This event was performed under the complete guidance of Chief Siddarth Choudhary. There were 27 participants out of which 18 completed 200km, 8 completed 100km & 1 completed 150km. We are proud to mention that 9 female participants finished 200km Ride, 1 female finished 150km & a Teenager boy (16 years) completed 100 km. GRR Rolling Wheels is proud to flaunt with this another successful YEAR-END RIDE ending the year 2020 with lot of fun giving a fresh start to 2021.

Let's minimise the use of motor vehicles!
Let's try and ride wherever possible!
Let's save our planet together!


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